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Welcoming a New Baby: Helping Your Older Child Adjust

Welcoming a New Baby: Helping Your Older Child Adjust

Expect your child to have mixed emotions when a new baby is on the way--it’s a big life change. Here are some ways you can make the new arrival go more smoothly.


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• Let your child express their feelings, their fears and concerns. Show compassion and reassure them.
• Invite them to prenatal visits and have them learn about the baby’s progress.
• Teach her to hold the baby before birth. Show patience. Use a stuffed animal or toy to demonstrate.
• A new baby is exciting, but don’t forget about your older child. Whenever possible, spend time one-on-one with your older child. Take pictures of the new baby, but take some of your older child both with the new baby and alone.
• Include him in caring for the baby, but don’t force him to do so. Let him care for his sibling at his own choosing.

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