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Things to Do for Your Baby in the New Year

Things to Do for Your Baby in the New Year

It’s a new year and time to take stock of things, get organized and prepare for the year ahead. Here are some ways you can get the new year off to a great start for you and your baby.

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  • Sort through things to save. What milestones occurred this year? Do you have items that you want to keep for posterity? Now’s the time to put these things aside and add notes or dates to help you remember their significance.
  • Organize digital photos. So many pictures are taken in a year, especially when your child is young and you want to chronicle every moment. Pick out the “keepers” and take time to delete bad ones.
  • Inspect and clean out toys. Have any items been chewed beyond recognition? Any peeling paint, dirty toys or things that have broken? Now may be a good time to purge those items or ones your baby has progressed past using.
  • Also, go through clothes. You may want to keep certain garments for relatives or siblings, or donate items that are not stained and in good condition.
  • Look for new things for your baby to play with that are now on her developmental level. Is she ready to practice fine motor skills, stacking or sorting? No need for expensive toys--simple, household items like plastic cups, cotton balls or measuring cups can be used.
  • Check for local playgroups or low-cost classes that might now be the right age for your baby. They’re experiences you can share and also a great way for your baby to learn social skills.


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