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Coping with a Crying Child

Coping with a Crying Child

Few parenting experiences are more stressful than a baby who won’t stop crying. Before children are able to talk, crying is a way for them to communicate their needs and wants.

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Start with the basics. Is your baby hungry or tired? Does she need to be changed or moved to a different position? Try rocking your baby, wearing her, or picking her up.

Here are some other options worth trying:
• Wrap him up like a burrito. Some babies are comforted by swaddling
• Make comforting noises like shushing or quiet singing
• Move him around in a stroller or take a quick car ride
• Try nursing him or use a pacifier

If your baby is still crying, put her in a safe place for a few minutes and try to relax. Never shake your baby. If you are losing control of your emotions, calm yourself before returning to care for her.. Ask for help if others are available.

Consult your pediatrician if your baby cries nonstop for more than 3 hours a day, more than 3 days a week. He may have colic or another health concern.

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