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Building Your Baby's Self-Esteem

Building Your Baby's Self-Esteem

Building a strong foundation of self-esteem in your child is important. When children have a good sense of self-esteem they feel worthy of success and happiness, are confident in their abilities, and can cope with the basic challenges of life.

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There are many simple things you can do to nurture your child's self-esteem.

• Smile at your baby often and call him by his name. He will see it in your face and hear it in your voice that he is special.
• Spend time with her. To a child, attention equals love. Devote some time each day to paying attention to only her, and she will gain a great sense of self-worth.
• Praise his accomplishments and efforts. He will get the message that he is capable and his self-confidence will grow.
• Allow her to try new things, explore, and problem-solve. Don’t do everything for her. Children get a great sense of accomplishment from completing tasks on their own.

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