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Why You Should Participate in the 2020 Census

Why You Should Participate in the 2020 Census

A lot of very important decisions are made based on the results of the US Census, conducted every 10 years. However, many people don’t take the census seriously, or do not complete their information accurately.

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The census determines the number of seats each district has in the U.S. House of Representatives and is also used to distribute billions in federal funds to local communities for just about every social service imaginable.

Programs that benefit children and families, such as subsidized child care, early intervention services, and children's health insurance, all depend on accurate census returns. If a community's census data is not correctly reported, everything from early childhood education to local transportation to your fire department can be negatively affected.

Ignoring the census leads to serious consequences, including misrepresentation, loss of programs and underfunding. If you want your community to have the services it needs, you and your neighbors need to be counted.

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