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The Benefits of Introducing Music to Your Baby

The Benefits of Introducing Music to Your Baby

Music is enjoyable for babies, but it also provides health benefits as well. Music can help your baby identify language rhythms and learn new words.

Here are ways you can integrate music into your daily routine!

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• Listen together. Put on music during the day. Dance along, to the best of your baby’s ability. Movement also promotes motor skills.
• Sing along. Words set to music are learned more quickly.
• Play along. Give your baby a sound maker (shaker or a drum). Babies who play along with music use more communicative gestures as they grow.
• Tap to the Beat. Try tapping out the rhythm of a song on the carpet, table, clapping together, or gently on your baby’s foot. This teaches patterns of speech and rhythm of language.
• Listen to any music you enjoy. Sure, best to choose songs with appropriate lyrics, but your enthusiasm will be contagious and music will become a treasured moment of your day together.

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