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Social & Emotional Wellness in Infants & Toddlers

Social & Emotional Wellness in Babies and Toddlers

How can we promote the social and emotional wellness of babies and toddlers? Even our very first experiences as babies and toddlers can have a lifelong impact on our social and emotional health.

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How the adults in our lives treat us and care for us demonstrates how we are valued, and provides the backbone of our self esteem. 

How can we can provide a positive foundation for our children’s social and emotional lives from the very beginning? 

  • Interact in a caring and sensitive way with your child during everyday activities. 
  • Be responsive to your child’s needs. 
  • Provide stability and consistency to help them feel secure. 
  • Allow room for making mistakes. It’s a part of life and an opportunity for learning. 

The foundations for social and emotional wellness are built early in life. A supportive and loving environment can greatly affect our developing brains and foster good mental health that can have lasting impact.

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