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Promoting Early Math Skills

Promoting Early Math Skills

Sure, your toddler is not going to perform complex calculations, but math concepts can be taught from a young age. Studies show that a child’s math skills at the start of kindergarten are among the strongest indicators of future academic success. What can we do as parents to promote early math understanding?

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Participate in activities with your child that build number sense, spatial sense and problem-solving. Don’t take out a workbook. Engage your child in everyday activities such as building with blocks, recording time, drawing shapes, counting objects, or setting the table. Ask her questions like, “How many napkins and plates do we need for dinner?” or “How many times can you throw a ball back and forth in one minute?” Make it fun and you can help develop an enjoyment of mathematics.

Math is a part of our lives, and finding ways to promote this early learning is all around us.

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