Trauma’s Tragedy and Treatment: ACEs

Trauma’s Tragedy and Treatment is a five-part series by NJTV Correspondent Michael Hill that explores how childhood trauma can impact a person for decades to come.


The series examines issues such as the negative effects of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and toxic stress that we continue to address at Right From the Start New Jersey. By visiting our website’s “Get Involved” section, you can view blogs and videos discussing ACEs and toxic stress, including a discussion between Steve Adubato and Dr. Arturo Brito, Executive Director, of The Nicholson Foundation, about the partnership with the Turrell Fund and The Burke Foundation, designed to raise awareness of the impact of ACEs. The NJTV series also shares hopeful solutions about the prevention of ACEs and recovery from trauma, with the goal of making Newark, NJ a trauma-informed city by 2020.